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Chair: Michael Kaplowitz


Committee Members: William Burton, Peter Harckman, James Maisano, Sheila Marcotte, JudyMyers, John Nonna, Martin Rogowsky, MaryJane Shimsky, John Testa


Staff: Chris Crane, Tara Bernard


The mission of the Committee on the Environment and Energy is to review all public policies that affect the natural environment of Westchester County including air, water and land-based sites; and, to take steps to improve environmental conditions by means of legislation.

The Committee also oversees all actions and proposed actions, both governmental and non-governmental, that affect or could affect, the collection, transportation and/or disposal of solid waste and recyclables in Westchester County.

In addition, the Committee reviews all public policies that affect Westchester County's energy needs, rate of consumption and cost to taxpayers, and takes steps to improve how we go about reducing Westchester's energy needs through public education and by either proposing legislation or working with the County administration on energy initiatives. The Committee works with the state on legislation pertaining to the supply of electricity and natural gas, establishment of electric rates, state-wide energy policy, energy conservation, nuclear power (such as issues related to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants), and energy tax credits.

The Committee works jointly with other committees, county departments, the Westchester environmental community and the energy industry on energy conservation initiatives.