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Chair: Bernice Spreckman


Committee Members: José Alvarado, William Burton, Sheila Marcotte, Judy Myers, Alfreda Williams


Staff: Rose Vinci


The goal of the Committee on Generational, Cultural and Ethnic Diversity is to cultivate the worth of every individual within the county, develop mechanisms to combat all forms of discrimination and promote mutual understanding and harmony among the county’s myriad racial, ethnic and religious groups.

The Committee helps ensure that minority communities enjoy equal access to county services and other offerings of county government. The Committee exercises significant oversight responsibility in the implementation of the Human Rights Commission.

Specific Committee functions may include:

  • Identifying and addressing the needs of emerging communities, especially those growing at a particularly rapid rate (for example, the Latino population) or those that will emerge in greater strength over the next decade;
  • Determining how well county government communicates program/services to various minority populations;
  • Creating a better relationship between municipalities and migrant day workers;
  • Working with the Committee on Appointments to review the composition of boards and commissions to determine and ensure diversity of representation;
  • Working with the administration on a discrimination sensitivity training program for employees and with the Committee on Family, Health and Human Services to determine how well the health needs of minorities are being addressed;
  • Monitoring county government bidding, contracts and sub-contracts in relation to minority/women-owned businesses with respect to compliance; studying minority loan policies and practices.

The Committee also will focus on promoting policies and programs designed to keep Westchester’s seniors healthy, vital and active through proposing appropriate legislation, overseeing county policies affecting seniors and involving interested parties from both the public and private sectors in implementing programs that benefit seniors.

Specific areas of concern include:

  • Sponsorship of educational programs to make seniors aware of their rights vis-a-vis healthcare, financial issues and overall quality of life;
  • Lobbying at the federal, state and local level for legislation targeted to senior issues;
  • Heightening community awareness of senior issues and needs.

In addition, the Committee will address issues that affect the youth of Westchester County today, evaluating and overseeing current youth programs and initiatives within the county. The Committee will explore new programs that create a safe and healthy environment for our youth. It will review programs and services offered by the Office of Women relating to children and families.

The Committee will oversee public policies relating to education issues and programs and identify areas where county government can, within its charter and other governing laws and regulations, effectively assist in improving education services to all the residents of Westchester County. The committee will monitor initiatives for funding special educational populations and programs.


Senior Speak-Out [January 28, 2011]

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