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Chair: Lyndon Williams

Committee Members
: Peter Harckham, James Maisano, Judy Myers, Michael Smith, Alfreda Williams

: Anand Singh

The Government Reform, Efficiency & Savings Committee is the taxpayer’s watchdog over Westchester County Government, its municipalities and other intergovernmental partners. The Committee on Government Reform, Efficiency & Savings (GRES) will provide oversight on a number of County projects, issues and initiatives. This committee will head the Board's efforts on these fronts:

  • Tax fairness
  • County government efficiencies
  • Shared Services
  • Consolidation
  • Mandate relief


This role will handle County government restructured, Business Advisory Council, Collaborative Assessment, Charter modifications and will coordinate the efforts with the County Association, Business Council and the Municipal Officials Association. This role will involve having public hearings throughout the County, working with our local and State officials, legislators, school districts and lobbyists.