Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Minutes

Standing Committees

Committee Chair Executive Departments / Topics Assigned
Appointments Christopher Johnson County Officers, Departments, Boards and Commissions
Budget & Appropriations Catherine Borgia Budget, Finance, Tourism, A&C, Human Resources, Consumer Protection,
Board of Elections, County Clerk, WCC
Environment, Health
& Energy
Nancy Barr Office of Energy, Dept. of Health, Board of Health, Dept. of Labs & Research,
Air, Water, Agriculture
Intergovernmental Services Terry Clements
Local, State & Federal Affairs
Labor & Housing Damon Maher Housing, Labor Contracts
Law & Major Contracts Lyndon Williams Lawsuits, Settlements, Agreements and Contracts over $1 Million
Legislation Kitley Covill Office of the County Attorney, Local Laws, Acts, Resolutions, Charter Revisions
Parks, Planning &
Economic Development
Michael Kaplowitz Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Conservation, Dept. of Planning, Economic
Development, IDA, LDC
Public Safety Margaret Cunzio Dept. of Public Safety, Dept. of Corrections, Dept. of Emergency Services,
Dept. of Probation, Office of the District Attorney
Public Works MaryJane Shimsky Dept. of Public Works & Transportation, Airport, Dept. of Environmental Facilities,
Solid Waste Commission, Dept. of Information Technology
Rules Ben Boykin, Catherine Parker,
John Testa, Alfreda Williams
Board Rules and Procedures
Seniors & Constituencies David Tubiolo Dept. of Senior Services, Office of the Disabled, Youth Bureau,
Office for Women, LGBT
Social Services Kitley Covill Dept. of Social Services, Dept. of Community Mental Health,
Human Rights Commission, Veterans

Task Forces

  • Charter Commission Review
  • Families
  • Hispanic Affairs
  • Minority Affairs