1/20/2010 3:14:26 PM



APPROVED: Various County Executive Appointments to Westchester County Departments


Appointments confirmed to serve at the pleasure of the County Executive 


  • Deputy County Executive: Kevin J. Plunkett of Tarrytown
  • County Attorney: Robert F. Meehan of Hawthorne
  • Department of Finance: Ann Marie Berg of Ossining  
  • Department of Public Safety: George N. Longworth of Katonah
  • County Industrial Development Agency (IDA): Kevin J. Plunkett of Tarrytown

Acting Commissioners (appointments confirmed, to expire upon the appointment of “Commissioner”): 


  • Department of Human Resources: Edward W. Brancati of Goldens Bridge
  • Department of Planning: Edward Buroughs of South Salem
  • Department of Health: Patsy Yang, Dr. P.H. of New Rochelle
  • Department of Public Works: John Hsu of Fresh Meadows

APPROVED: Powers of the Chairman of the Board – Board Personnel
Resolution granting the Chairman of the Board the power to appoint necessary employees other than the Clerk of the Board and the power to perform administrative duties related to Board personnel in accordance with Rule Six of the Rules of the Board for the 2010-2011 term.