(White Plains, NY) - After representing the residents of the 4th Legislative District for over two decades, Westchester County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz (D, Somers) announced today that he will not seek re-election this November.

The 4th County Legislative District consists of Yorktown (part), Somers (part) and New Castle.

Kaplowitz, the second longest serving legislator in the County Board’s history, was sworn in on January 1, 1998.

Kaplowitz served in many capacities along the way – most notably as Chairman of the Board for four years. He also served as Vice-chair of the Board as well as Chair of numerous committees including the Budget & Appropriations Committee.

“It was a difficult decision - a decision that is bitter sweet,” said Kaplowitz. “I’ve enjoyed every moment of my public service and hope that I am leaving Westchester a little bit better than when I started.”


Legislative –

  • Second longest serving legislator in the County Board’s history
  • Very first vote was voting for first Democratic Chair of the BOL in 95 years – George Latimer
  • Key role in establishing Human Rights Commission
  • Key Role in passing Safe Gun Storage Law
  • Co-authored Smoke Free Workplace Law and supported Hands Free Cell Phone Law
  • Supported Housing Settlement that provided fair and affordable housing and prevented further penalties and litigation
  • Led BOL in exercising due diligence and passage of the ‘North 60’ project (just signed by the County Executive)
  • As Chairman of the Board, rejected Bee-line Bus contract extension resulting in $20 million in renegotiated contractual savings
  • Fostered bi-partisanship as Chairman of the BOL, reducing political gridlock and effectuating transactional, cooperative accomplishments
  • As BOL Chair, made sure every legislator had ‘skin in the game’ – either a leadership role or chair of a committee

Budget/Fiscal –

  • Worked to keep tax increases as low as fiscally possible – an average increase over 21 years of 2.15% - a self-imposed ‘tax kap’ before the tax cap law existed
  • Tobacco Securitization financing of $150 million to invest in and save Westchester Medical Center
  • Key legislative negotiator of the County’s Local Development Corporation – (since 2012, LDC has secured over $400 mil in tax-exempt bonds for nonprofit organizations)

Environment –

  • Conceived Office of Energy and Sustainability
  • Helped preserved thousands of acres of open space
  • Co-created County’s Legacy Program, providing numerous ballfields throughout the County including a $7 million ball park in Yorktown and a skate park in Yorktown
  • Legislated first County Agricultural District
  • Tireless advocate for East of Hudson strategy to invest in failing septic systems and protect Croton System drinking water
  • Removed thousands of homes from paying sewer taxes when they did not have sewers
  • Purchased Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown and 652-acre Angle Fly Preserve in Somers
  • Actively supported a reasonable balance between Airport operations and environmental concerns

Consumer –

  • Accountable and always responsive to constituents when they needed assistance
  • Conceived signage for Gas Station Law mandating cash/credit pricing signs
  • Fought Zone Pricing and MTBE usage
  • Mandated safety devices in electric garage doors
  • Established Home Heating Oil Price Tracker on BOL website
  • Held NYSEG and Con Ed responsible and successfully encouraged them to invest in electricity delivery improvements
  • Attended almost every Boy Scout & Girl Scout event invited to over 21 years
  • Attended town board meetings (Yorktown, Somers, New Castle) to provide status reports
  • Presented over 3,000 Proclamations to County residents over 21 years