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Local Laws

Local Laws (2005-2009)

For Local Laws adopted after 2009, click here.


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01. Pelton Field, Fleming Field and E.J. Murray Memorial Skating Center
02. IMA with Mt. Vernon re: Memorial Field
03. JPMorgan Chase Lease at WC Airport
04. Gender-Based Discrimination
05. Lawn Fertilizer Legislation
06. County Clerk Recording and Endorsement Page
07. MTA Buses Sale or Lease of Surplus Property
08. Lease Agreement with Brooks Shopping Center LLC at Cross Co Shopping Center
09. Vehicle Forfeiture while Driving Under the Influence
10. West Co. Policy Statement USA ex rel. Anti Discriminatiion Center of Metro NY
11. Tax Exempt to Benefit Cold War Veterans
01. Property Tax Breaks for Cold War Veterans
02. Remediation of Lead Contamination at Armory
03. Alternate Taxable Status Date
04. Westchester County Fair Housing Law
05. Lease Agreement with EJM Building Services at WC Airport
06. Plastic Bag Legislation
07. Philip Morris Hangar Space Lease Agreement
08. Source Separation Requirements for Waste Generators
09. Septage Removal and Inspection Reimbursement
10. Social Host Law Prohibiting the Provision of Alcohol to Minors
11. Regulating Sale of DXM Dextromethorphan
12. Prohibit the Use of Text Message While Driving
13. Food Chain Restaurants to Display Calorie Content
14. County Clerk Filing Fees
15. Anti-Idling Law
16. Real Property Tax Exempt. for Volunteer Firefighters
01. Lease Aggreement with ipark Westchester LLC
02. Subdivision 3 of Sec 836.41 of Laws of WC Reducing dollar amt of Iinventory
03. Leaf Blowers
04. Booting Notification of Unattended Vehicle Parked in Unauthorized Property
05. Rewards for Info Leading to Apprehension & Conviction of Criminals
06. Lease Agreement with Frank DeLeonardis
07. Private Well Testing Legislation
08. Human Rights Comm Penalties
09. Plumbing-Electrical Legislation
10. Code of Ethics Amendments Separate Financial Disclosure forms
11. Yorktown Skate Park
12. IMA with Larchmont re Ball Field and improvements for Village
13. Septic Evacuation Contractor Licensing
14. Inflatable Swimming Pools Legislation
15. Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Parking Fee Waiver
16. Home Improvement Vehicle & Tools Seizure for Unlicensed Operation
17. WCHCC 5th Amendment to Transfer Agreement & Co Credit Support
18. Reimbursement for Medical & Dental Care of Inmates
19. Human Rights Commission Jurisdiction
01. Idling of Diesel Powered Vehicles
02. Disposal of Cellular Telephones
03. Youth Board Legislation
04. Public Internet Access Protection Act
05. IMA for Rye Skate Park
06. Property Tax Valuation by Local Option
07. Signature Flight Corporation Lease Agreement
08. Federal Aviation Administration Lease
09. Section 104.11 Senior Affordable Housing
10. Lease Agreement for Construction of Senior Rental Housing
11. IMA Village of Croton River Front Property
12. Vehicle Immobilization Program
13. Real Property Tax Exemptions for Senior Citizens
14. Real Property Tax Exemptions for Disabled
15. Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation LLC Lease Agreement
16. Revised Sewer Dist Designation of Quarry Heights Map
17. Sewer Consolidation
18. Transition Agreement Health Care Corp Credit Support Increase
01. Housing Opportunity Commision
02. Jet Support Systems Lease Agreement
03. Barnhart Park Local Law
04. Metrocenter at ipark
05. Pseudoephedrine
06. Chapter 826 WC Solid Waste Licensing Law
07. Amending Chapter 261 Empowering Health Commissioner
08. Police Mutual Aid and Rapid Response Plan
09. Specialized Team Local Law Expanding Powers of Emergency Services
10. Rye Brook IMA with County
11. Living Wage Incentive
12. Avitat Change of Name to 41N 73W, Inc.
13. Hybrid Vehicle Parking Fees
14. Human Rights Amendment re Victims of Domestic Violence
15. Veteran Alt Tax Exempt
16. Piedmont Aviation Lease Agreement at County Airport
17. Terminal Use Procedures Clarifying Scope of Application
18. Tanning Facilities Legislation
19. Twin Lake Farm Inc. Equestrian Operation
20. Riverdale Riding Corp. Equestrian Operation
21. Firing Range on County Property
22. Compensation to Officers
23. BOL Compensation

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