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Chair: William Ryan


Committee Members: Jose Alvarado, Gordon Burrows, Judy Myers, Martin Rogowsky, MaryJane Shimsky, Alfreda Williams


Staff: Susan Kirkpatrick


The Committee on Public Works, Parks, Labor and Transportation works to ensure that all public policies of Westchester County government regarding public works, parks, labor and transportation are working to the benefit of County residents.

In a system of checks and balances, this Committee, part of the government’s legislative branch, oversees the operations of the departments within the executive branch designated to matters involving public works, parks, and public transportation. This Committee also oversees the policies in effect and procedures followed relative to our government’s workforce.

Within its assigned scope, this Committee reviews and evaluates the needs of the people and develops and refers to the Board of Legislators for its consideration the necessary acts, local laws, and resolutions to help meet those needs.

  • It is the mission of the Committee to ensure that the County,
  • through its Department of Public Works & Transportation, constructs, operates and maintains the necessary infrastructure for those who live, work and travel in Westchester;
  • through its Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, is creating life-enriching experiences at safe, clean, affordable parks, and is preserving our natural resources and open space;
  • through its Department of Public Works & Transportation, is facilitating the efficient and economical movement of people through a balanced and environmentally sensitive transportation system and, as part of providing surface transit services and maintaining necessary infrastructure, is managing the Bee Line Bus system and the Westchester County Airport.
  • recruits, trains, supports and retains the most capable public workforce for the government and helps all working people in the effort to attain safe working conditions and working agreements that are fair and equitable to all concerned.