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Word Search

Word Search
Find the words you learned about on the Terms and Definitions page and circle them. Then use the 'answer key' below to check your work.

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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle
Solve the clues by filling in the words in the appropriate squares. Then use the 'answer key' below to check your work.

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How Does an Idea Become a Law?


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recycle design

Design by Ridge St. School student based on recycling triangle, symbol of recycling

I’m wishing on a star
and trying to believe,
That when I’m
all grown up
the earth will have
what I need.
Unless we all recycle,
reuse and never waste
The earth will be an empty, dirty place.

Third grade student,
Mamaroneck Ave. School, White Plains

I will use a re-usable lunch box that I will bring to school everyday. I will put all my food in re-usable containers. I will bring a cloth napkin from home that I will wash and use again and again. I will bring silverware from home that I will wash and use again. I will pack just enough food to fill me up. I will not pack too much so nothing goes to waste.

Third grade student, Ridge Street School, Rye Brook