CommitteeChairExecutive Departments / Topics Assigned
  Appointments   Catherine Parker   Appointments related to County Officers, Departments, Boards and Commissions
  Budget & Appropriations   Jewel Williams Johnson   Department of Budget, Department of Finance, Department of Human Resources, WCC, Board of Elections, LL’s related to county finances
  Economic Development   Ben Boykin   Office of Economic Development, Office of Tourism, Department of Consumer Protection
  Housing & Planning   Shanae Williams   Department of Planning (excluding matters related to Sewers, Stormwater Management), Housing matters overseen by the county
  Human Services   Nancy Barr   Department of Social Services (excluding the Office of Housing Counsel), Department of Health, Department of Community Mental Health, Labs & Research
  Information Technology
& Cybersecurity
  Judah Holstein   The Office of County Clerk, Department of Information Technology, County Archives
  Labor & Human Rights   Emiljana Ulaj   Human Rights Commission, Office of Advocacy and Community Services, Office for Women, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, Labor Contracts
  Law & Major Contracts   David Imamura    Office of Assigned Counsel, Office of Housing Counsel, Office of the Public Administrator, Lawsuit Settlements
  Legislation   Colin Smith   Law Department, Local Laws, Acts, Resolutions, Board of Ethics
  Parks & Environment   David Tubiolo   Department of Parks, Recreation & Conservation, Playland, Office of Conservation and Sustainability
  Public Safety   Terry Clements   Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections, Department of Emergency Services, Department of Probation, Office of District Attorney
  Public Works &
  Erika Pierce   Department of Environmental Facilities, Department of Planning (as it relates to Sewers, Storm Water Management, Flood Mitigation) Department of Public Works & Transportation, County Airport
  Rules   Tyrae Woodson-Samuels 
& Margaret Cunzio
  Matters related to the Board of Legislators matters, including Rules, Procedures and Personnel
  Veterans, Seniors & Youth   James Nolan   Veterans Service Agency, Department of Senior Services, Youth Bureau

Task Forces / Sub-Committees / Advisory Boards: