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Catherine Parker (Majority Leader)

Catherine ParkerDistrict 7

Mamaroneck, Rye, Larchmont, part of New Rochelle, part of Harrison

After serving as Rye City Council Member since 2007, Catherine Parker was elected to the Westchester County Legislature in November 2013 and re-elected in 2015 and 2017 to represent the constituents of the 7th Legislative District (Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye, Part of Harrison and Part of New Rochelle).

The 2017 election returned a Democratic super-majority to the Board, and Legislator Parker was thrilled to be selected as Majority Leader of the Democratic Caucus for the 2018-2019 Legislative Term.

As Majority Leader, Catherine was instrumental in the passage of the act prohibiting gun shows at the Westchester County Center and other county facilities. She is excited to work with her colleagues to bring forward progressive legislation that was stalled under the previous County Executive during previous legislative terms.

Catherine is Chair of the Board’s Energy & Regional Efficiencies Committee. She also serves on the Budget & Appropriations, Environment & Health and Labor/Parks/Planning/Housing Committees.

Catherine Parker has been a very active member of her community for a long time. Whether as a volunteer, elected official or business owner, Catherine has worked hard to make her community a better place for all residents.

In 1998, Catherine Parker helped reconstitute the Rye Chamber of Commerce and served as its first President. She reestablished the League of Women Voters of Rye, Rye Brook, and Port Chester (LWV) in 2003 and served as President for four years. Catherine also serves on the Advisory Board for the Rye Arts Center, and has served in a variety of officer positions.

During her tenure on the Rye City Council, Catherine worked hard to pass responsible budgets that added to reserves and kept to the Tax Cap. She fought for the creation of the Rye Flood Action Committee, acted as the Liaison for the Playland Advisory Group and Emergency Medical Services for Rye, Rye Brook, and Port Chester, and served as the 1st Chair of the Senior Advocacy Group.

Legislator Parker considers herself an environmentalist. She was instrumental in the passage of environmental laws such as the leaf blower ban and plastic bag ban in her home community. With the support and partnership of environmental groups throughout the county, Parker believes the county will move forward on legislation that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, cleans our water and air, and protects our communities from flooding. Since becoming a county legislator she has sponsored, co-sponsored and passed resolutions to support the NYS Climate Smart Community Pledge, an amendment to the Westchester Smoke Free Worksite to include electronic cigarettes, the prohibition of the sale of children's products containing certain chemicals, and  the Great Healthy Yard Project.  She also sponsored the creation of a County Energy Director position, and looks forward to working with the new County Executive to see the role of the Director expand to help improve energy efficiency across the County and reduce some of the financial burden of taxpayers. Legislator Parker has also introduced legislation to Limit Use of Plastic Bags and Styrofoam by retailers in the county and to provide for cleaner air by reducing and eventually eliminating the use of dirtier #4 and #6 heating fuels.

For over 20 years, Catherine has owned and operated her own small business in downtown Rye, Parkers. A travel store, Parkers carries everything from clothing to luggage. In addition, Catherine is a member of the Rye Lions Club, Rye High School Parent's Teachers Association (PTO) and an advisor to the Milton School Environmental Committee. Perhaps most unique about Catherine is that she once won $50,000 dollars on the television show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Catherine is a fourth-generation Westchester resident and considers herself extraordinarily blessed to live in Westchester with her husband David Walker and her two children, Julia and Aidan.

Catherine's Newsletters:


After winning reelection in November 2011, Legislator Judy Myers continues to work on the issues of particular importance to 7th District residents – flood control, property tax relief, and the environment chief among them – during her fourth term on the County Board of Legislators.

As a 30- year Town of Mamaroneck resident, Myers’ work represents her deep understanding of the needs and expectations of district residents.

One of the hallmarks of Myers’ tenure as legislator was securing $4.5 million in county funds for area flood control project, including important storm water-related improvements in Rye and Mamaroneck. This accomplishment was part of Myers’ larger work on the county’s Flood Action Task Force, established after the devastating floods of 2007 to implement a five-year, $50 million flood mitigation effort.

Myers also has a keen interest in improving public health. In May, 2009, Westchester County became one of the few areas in the country requiring chain restaurants to post calorie county information under legislation sponsored by Myers. As Chair of the County Board’s Family, Health and Human Services Committee in 2006 and 2007, Myers tackled a wide range of critical issues, from childcare to AIDS to saving the Westchester Medical Center. She successfully increased access to quality childcare through a county scholarship program that was terminated in 2010. Additionally, she served on the County Board of Health for 6 years, insuring that the Board of Legislators and the Department of Health worked together in their public health initiatives.

To ease the playing field shortage in Larchmont and Mamaroneck, Myers successfully secured $1.5 million to help build a new athletic field that opened in 2008 in Larchmont’s Flint Park. She has represented Rye’s interests in Playland through her membership in the Request for Proposal Review Committee in 2011 and has successfully advocated on behalf of dog lovers to open Playland’s beach to dogs and their owners for two years in a row. Further, through Myers’ efforts, the Westchester Children’s Museum has a lease on the newly restored North Bathhouse at Playland on the Boardwalk.

As an advocate of greater regional planning, inter-municipal cooperation and open government, Myers has fought to keep taxes under control in the face of rising medical and retirement costs, served as co-Chair of the legislature’s  Health Insurance Review committee, and its Government Reform, Efficiency and Savings Committee.

After serving as the Majority Whip for the Democratic caucus for 4 years, Myers now serves as Chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee. This committee is charged with maintaining the fiscal integrity of the County and ensuring that Westchester’s taxpayers receive the most efficient and effective government. The B&A Committee reviews the county budget, monitors all operational and capital expenditures, analyzes and reviews all fiscal matters, recommends matters to the full Board for consideration and seeks opportunities for operational reform that will lead to better and less costly county government. The committee seeks regular advisory input through its subcommittee on capital projects, through public hearings, and through the monthly meetings of the Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee.