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Republican Caucus Statement on Democrats Blocking Vote on Union Contracts

It’s troubling to see County Executive-Elect Latimer direct the Democrats on the Board of Legislators (BOL) to interfere with the settlement of five fair and responsible labor contracts with county employees. The same Legislators who are now pulling back the agreements with our unions were satisfied with the contracts when they were voted out of the Legislature’s Committees to be voted on by the entire BOL.

The incoming County Executive wants to pull back these labor contracts that have already been negotiated in good faith, settled and ratified by union membership. It is unfair as we head into the holiday season for the county to renege on our commitments to the county workforce.

Mr. Latimer claims that he has no intention of renegotiating the contracts. If that is so then why did tell the Democrats on the BOL to block them? What is going to be different in a month or two from now? The only credible answer is that he and his Democrat colleagues on the BOL are playing political games with our county employees’ contracts. So much for Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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